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There are numerous initiatives now underway under the auspices of M3M; some of these projects are listed below.

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Newly announced projects with the highest facilities and attention to detail, designed to your ideal house.


New Launch

M3M Capital

Sector 113, Bajghera, Gurgaon,
  • 2-bhk,3-bhk
  • New Launch

50 Lakh/-


M3M Capital - this project's m3m sector 113 homes come in 2 and 3 bhk high rise apartment configurations, with each property delivering a luxurious lifestyle. The tenants' convenience and comfort have been taken into account when designing the project.

In M3M Capital Residents may enjoy abundant natural light and the magnificent views of the countryside and the skyline thanks to the enormous windows and broad balconies. Such opulent residences in Gurgaon would be excellent investment opportunities, given the city's high demand for rental properties..


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Jan 20th, 2019

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Jan 20th, 2019

Art Gossip by Mike Charles

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Jan 20th, 2019

Art Gossip by Mike Charles

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M3M Smart Homes gives the best deals on M3M Properties in real estate investments in India.

M3M properties have a reputation for identifying new real estate markets, recognizing desires in lifestyle evolution, honing luxury modulations, and responding with projects that embody the unique spirit of changing India. It is now ranked second in India, and first in North India. In less than a decade, M3M properties have established itself as a prestigious real estate developer, with speed, class, and innovation at its core. The Group has unveiled a slew of iconic projects, all of which were created in collaboration with world-class partners. They are the epitome of the burgeoning Millennium Gurgaon.

How did M3M Real Estate Developers receive their name and what makes them different from other developers in India?

The M3M real estate developers derive their name from the words Men, Materials, and Money. The organization is known for producing low-budget projects that meet the needs and demands of its clients. The organization is committed to delivering one-of-a-kind, unique, high-quality projects. The company's philosophy is to deliver on time while maintaining high quality. The company's focus is not solely on one type of service. Instead, it works on a variety of projects, ranging from residential to commercial. Dedication and perseverance are more important when it comes to completing a mission, and this is something we have been doing since the beginning. We believe in keeping promises, such as planning and constructing a world-class masterpiece with cutting-edge features. With diverse and complementary capabilities from top-tier business tycoons, intermediaries, financial institutions, high net worth individuals, and some of the most well-known real estate developers of the time, the organization has risen to prominence in the real estate sector over the years.

What are M3M Properties in India doing in the real estate sector?

It covers a wide range of projects, from residential to commercial. Two of its well-known residential developments are M3M properties Golf Estate, located in a very prime position in Sector 65 and offering 3 to 4 BHK apartments, and M3M properties Merlin, located in Sector 67, in the millennium city, Gurgaon and offering 3 to 4 BHK Property. M3M properties Marina, in Sector 68, Gurgaon, is a high-end development offering 2 to 3 BHK residences. The company also has a strong presence in the commercial sector, as evidenced by projects such as M3M properties Urbana in Sector 67, Gurgaon, which offers retail, office suites, and studios. M3M properties Cosmopolitan, a three-acre wonder in Sector 66, Gurgaon, offers a variety of options including retail, office space, and studios. The best part about these developments is that they are located in Gurgaon's fastest-growing neighborhood. In the previous fiscal year, the Group generated $5.500 billion in sales. Last year, M3M properties developed nearly 100,000 square meters (10 million square feet) of real estate, making it one of the country's major real estate companies. Shortly, the Group plans to develop an area of approximately 15,00,000 sq. Mr. (15 million sq. ft.). The brand is ranked first in North India and is one of the top two brands in the country.

M3M Properties AWARDS:

  1. At the 13th Annual Estate Awards 2021, M3M properties Atrium was named 'Smart Project of the Year' for Commercial North.
  2. At the 13th Annual Estate Awards 2021, M3M properties Soulitude was named 'Residential Property of the Year, North.'
  3. At the Stars Of The Industry Awards, M3M properties Soulitude was named 'The Luxury Project Of The Year.'
  4. Mr. Basant Bansal and Mr. Roop Kumar Bansal have been named to the EdelGive Foundation's HURUN INDIA Philanthropy List as Top Philanthropists for 2021.
  5. Business Excellence has named M3M properties Corner Walk the 'Commercial Project of the Year - 2021.'
  6. National Awards has recognized M3M properties IFC as the 'Best Commercial Project of the Year.'
  7. The Brand Story has named M3M properties as "India's Most Admirable Brand."

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